What makes Minecraft so special?

It all begins with you being alone on a deserted island. The whole island is made out of cubes; mud, grass, stone, coal, sand, water, even the clouds and the sun are made out of Legos Like structures. And you can dig, chop and cut through the whole place, one cube at a time, and take all the resources you find. Dig up a mud cube and you get some mud. Chop a tree and you get wood. Cut through stone and you get some stone. You can then use these materials to build stuff of your own. Homes, bridges, walls, towers, sheep cannons-almost anything you want, you can create around you. It’s a magical experience and beautiful in a surreal way. It’s a fundamental human instinct to enjoy seeing order emerging from chaos and Minecraft taps into this instinct beautifully. When you finish giving the final touches on your first construction and step back to take a look, it’s a feeling of pride and ownership! It’s an amazing and compelling experience just exploring, crafting and building things in this world. Players have taken it upon themselves to push the limits of the construction tools of Minecraft. People have built epic structures such as full-scale models of Hogwarts, The Reichstag, etc.

Now let’s talk about the monsters. Yep, Minecraft has all sorts of little demons and creepy animals that pop out at night to kill you. And you will be ready for them too. You can mine for iron ore and build powerful armour and swords.

The incredible success of the genre can perhaps be explained by the fact that people simply love putting things together and pulling them apart. That’s why kids love Legos. They can make anything they want, anyway they like. Minecraft proves that games that let people express themselves and exercise their imaginations work well and enjoy great success. It’s another milestone in the history of gaming to create a genre and entertain millions of players.

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Virisha Founded in 2020, Virisha technologies is a tech-enabled online skilled based gaming start up.

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virisha technologies

virisha technologies

Virisha Founded in 2020, Virisha technologies is a tech-enabled online skilled based gaming start up.

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