Why do People Play Video Games?

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3 min readJun 2, 2021


There are millions and millions of gamers all over the world. And more and more people add up to this number each day, hour and minute. Can you believe it? And also the games of this generation are really something. If you are a non-gamer, or played games a long time ago and lost touch with them, it will really shock you to see how far the gaming technology as well as the craze has come.

Did you ever wonder why people play video games at all? Why are video games so popular these days? This is really an interesting topic to discuss. Well, firstly, let us understand what a game is. The literal meaning says “a game is an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun”. So games are fun. But fun has a different definition for each one of us I believe. What is fun for you may not be fun for me. Therefore it is not just for fun, people play these games. There is definitely more to it, more solid reasons that drive and attract them. After talking to a lot of gamers, I tried to understand and list out some of these reasons here:

Excitement :: These gamers always have something to look forward to. It could be a very small thing, like advancing to the next level, waiting for the next generation consoles to release, etc., but this makes life more interesting and exciting.
Me Time :: There is a child inside everyone of us and the people who play games are more closely connected to that inner child of theirs. They get a chance to spend time with that child and maybe that is one of the reasons these people enjoy life more fully and are happier.
Relaxation :: Gaming can be a great stress buster. It is an easy escape from the demands of everyday life and the world of pressure. It really works as a therapy to some people. They get to relax a bit by doing something just for the sake of enjoying it.
Imagination and creativity :: People who play video games become more creative with their imagination. This also will make them more social, easy going, understanding and interesting. Understanding I say, because, it is easy for them to get into our shoes and imagine our views and issues.
Freedom :: Humans are basically freedom seekers. All of us. We just hate it when someone tries to control or manipulate us. Agreed? Games give us this sense of freedom. There are a set of rules to follow, yeah, but the final decisions are ours. We choose what to do or not do. This feeling of freedom is very liberating.
Competence :: People like to feel powerful and be successful. They always want things to be under their control. Yeah, nobody likes to feel stupid. That is one of the reasons people do not venture into anything new. But games give us a chance to feel like things are under our control.
Feel of achievement :: Don’t you want to feel like you are growing and progressing in everything you do? Well, the feeling of achievement and accomplishment is something all of us look forward to. Video games make us feel more accomplished. Whenever you level up and progress, trust me, it feels great!
There might be a lot of other reasons that are not mentioned here. But everyone has their own reasons and motivations to play or not play a game.

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